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FAR Termination for Default or Cause Government Contracts Appeal Lawyers & FAR Termination for Convenience. 

Government Contracts Law Firm Washington DC and CO: Our Government Contract Termination Lawyers Help Federal Contractors in ALL STATES and Overseas. Save Time and Money by Avoiding Some of the Most Costly Mistakes When Fighting Termination for Cause or T4C Government Contracts. 

Government Contractors seeking to appeal to the contracting officer’s (CO)termination for default first have to present specific claims to the government if they want the appeals court to hear the legal defenses.  The federal government can terminate a contract for cause or default if the CO believes that the contractor has failed to perform the contract or in some other allowed form, violated the terms of the contract.

If you believe that the cause of the termination for default was dues to delays caused by the government (excusable delays), then you must still present the claim for delays to the contracting officer.  the  if the contractor fails to timely perform or falls so far behind that the Government believes that the contractor will not finish on time.  If you want to include legal defenses to the termination for default, then you must submit the required claim to the agency. This may cause an issue with the filing deadline for the termination for default appeal. This is where you government contract termination attorney would be beneficial. See also, DCX-CHOL Enterprises, Inc., ASBCA No. 61636 (July 11, 2019).

The federal government can issue termination for convenience or contract termination for default for various reasons including contractor’s failure to perform, not meeting HUBZone employee requirements, or any other violations or contract terms. Not all cancellations of contracts are valid.

Therefore, contractors should be aware of the different nuances under the respective termination clause. Whether you receive a show-cause notice, an actual contract termination notice, demand for termination for default or cause re-procurement costs or cure notice, there are certain regulatory guidelines and contractual obligations to follow. Failure to follow these guidelines can severely impact the result of your case.

  • Avoid costly legal mistakes when responding to a show-cause notice.
  • Promptly get to the next steps after getting your notice of termination of contract.
  • Get legal advice and help to see whether the government’s action meets the FAR termination definition.
  • Gain access to contract termination lawyers at a fraction of the cost for larger law firms.

With law offices in Washington, D.C, and in Denver Colorado, the government contracting attorneys at Watson & Associates, LLC frequently help small businesses and large DOD contractors to overcome the tricky landmines lurking in both the FAR Termination for Default Clause and FAR Termination for Convenience Clause.

Federal Government Contract Termination Attorney Services

  • Assess the facts of your case and quantify your claims after the government issues a termination letter under FAR 52.249 8
  • Help to make sure that you meet your contractual obligation to the agency when it issues a contract termination letter.
  • Cure notice and show cause responses
  • Termination for default or cause appeals
  • HUBZone disputes
  • Prepare and submit adequate cancellation of contract settlement proposals;
  • Termination for default in need of federal criminal defense lawyers
  • Default termination of contract re-procurement costs
  • Government investigations and high profile cases
  • Adequately respond to the contracting officer’s show-cause notice;
  • Appeal unlawful agency contract termination actions; and
  • Our contract dispute resolution lawyers negotiate with the government on your behalf.
  • Get help understanding termination for convenience vs default

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What are Your Contractual Obligations As a Government Contractor?

At Watson, we frequently advise government contractors on how to proceed with dispute resolution when there is a termination of a contract or if there is a perceived unlawful termination. If a federal agency decides to issue a government contract termination letter for convenience or show cause notice, you must comply with your termination contractual obligations and follow the basic Contract Disputes Act requirements and roadmap to maximize your damages.

  • Stop work immediately.
  • Terminate all subcontracts related to the terminated portion of the contract.
  • Take any action necessary to protect property in your possession in which the government has or may acquire an interest.
  • Immediately notify the Contracting Officer of any legal proceedings resulting from any subcontract or other commitment related to the terminated contract.
  • Settle subcontractor claims.
  • Submit a termination for convenience settlement proposal within one year from the effective date of the termination.
  • Dispose of termination inventory, as directed by the TCO. 

FAR Termination for Convenience (T4C Government Contracts)

When it comes to t4c government contracts actions, the federal government has a right to issue unilaterally a termination for convenience notice under the FAR when it is in the government’s best interest. However, not all termination for convenience decisions is legally valid. At Watson & Associates,  our government contracting attorneys provide our clients with professional guidance.

We help by assessing your case for possible breach of contract defenses and remedies, drafting settlement agreements, or appealing the contracting officer’s decision to terminate the contract for convenience. 

Government Contract Termination for Default or Cause(T4D)

Having a termination for default or cause (T4D) carries severe penalties. This can also stem from criminal convictions or suspension or debarment. Also, your future in government contracting can be adversely impacted due to past performance reasons when there is a contract termination for cause.  At Watson & Associates, our government contract termination lawyers help government contractors to respond to cure notices and show cause notice letters from the contracting officer, negotiate contract disputes, and appeal the contracting officer’s termination for cause decision. 

As government contract law attorneys, we frequently practice before the Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA), Civilian Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA), and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims (COFC).  We also provide legal advice and representation by making sure you:

Termination for Convenience vs Default

The difference between a termination for convenience and a termination for default boils down to the fact that in termination for convenience, the government, in its interest , can unilaterally terminate the project for convenience when there is no fault to the contractor. The contractor then can submit a settlement proposal for damages allowed by statute. 

By contrast, a termination for default decision occurs when the contractor fails to comply with the terms of the contract, fails to make progress on the contract etc. This is similar to what most people understand to be a breach of contract. In a termination for convenience vs default, the contractor can be liable to the government for reprocurement costs and other associated damages in a termination for default.

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