Nationwide Federal Government Contracts Attorneys Help You to Avoid Costly Legal Mistakes in Federal Government Contracting. NATIONWIDE HELP. We Bring Decades of Experience for Cases Involving Law For Contractors Doing Business With the Federal Government.

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Whether you are interested in developing business initiatives to target federal government contracts, contemplating litigation of federal government contracts dispute, exercising your rights for good faith and fair dealing in government contracts, filing a bid protest, or simply need legal counsel for your defense in a False Claims Act case, federal government contractor lawyers at Watson & Associates, LLC can help.

  • Develop legal strategies that minimize adverse impact under government contract law.
  • Get constant and direct access to legal advice from lawyers who have worked for the federal government.
  • Develop proactive best practices for regulatory compliance that successful government contractors use.
  • Avoid costly mistakes that can lead to suspension and debarment.

As a federal government contractor law firm, Watson & Associates frequently litigate contract disputes before the various courts including The Government Accountability Office (GAO), U.S. Court of Federal Claims, the Small Business Administration (SBA) Office of Hearings and Appeal, and the various Boards of Contract Appeals.

With over 30 years of federal government contracts practice and experience with procurement law for contractors, members of our government contract attorneys frequently serve as government advisors to small businesses and large companies performing DOD contracts in various industries. Each federal government contract law attorney helps federal government contractors to overcome legal issues related to regulatory compliance and risk management which can reduce the possibility of suspension and debarment or termination for default.

Federal Government Contractor Lawyer Consulting Services

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Government Contractor Fraud Lawyers and Defense Attorneys

Top rated federal criminal defense lawyers specifically for government contractors: When contractors face criminal charges, civil charges involving false claims, Buy American Act matters, procurement fraud or other issues in government contracting, Watson & Associates provides experienced government contractor fraud lawyer services to corporations and individuals.  As federal contractor fraud defense attorneys, we understand the issues that come up in government investigations or criminal charges when brought. We represent clients within the United States and overseas. See What Happens After Government Contractors Receive a Grand Jury Indictment.

Government Contractor Lawyers – Small Business Lawyers With Experience

Federal contractor lawyers: With over three decades of work experience for federal procurement agencies, our federal government contract small business lawyers have resolved both simple and complex matters. A key element that sets our government contracting solutions apart from other government contract law firms is our unique past experiences either as actual procurement officials, small business law program managers, or legal counsel for large government contractors. With law offices in Colorado and Washington, DC, each of our government small business lawyers offers extensive and broad experience to help our clients avoid the most costly mistakes in federal procurement.

Nationwide & Overseas Government Contract Law for Contractors

As government contractor lawyers, we assist clients to resolve simple and complex disputes including termination for convenience, contract claims, equitable adjustments, bid protests, litigation, SCA fringe benefit claims and appeals. With our presence in various parts of the world, our law firm helps contractors involved in contingency contracting law for contractors and those who perform US government contracts overseas.

We help clients in Afghanistan, Dubai, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Europe and other overseas locations. Also, our government contract attorneys are uniquely positioned to guide clients through complex nuances associated with government small business programs.

Government Contractor Criminal Defense Attorneys

Top rated federal criminal defense lawyers: Watson & Associates, LLC, utilizing its unique niche of government contracting, represents small businesses and large defense contractors charged civilly or criminally with wrongdoing. As government contractor criminal defense attorneys, we have a national reach and also assist location criminal defense lawyers with cases involving federal procurement.

We Practice Before the Various Appellate Courts

Our Federal contract law attorneys frequently represent companies before federal courts, including the Court of Federal Claims, the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA). We have also successfully litigated and appealed cases before the Small Business Administration Office of Hearings and Appeals (SBAOHA).

Our government contract small business lawyers and consultants provide guidance with critical issues involving proposal writing, business development. GSA Schedules, Native American government contracting, and SBA 8(a) Certification. Learn about some of the Best Small Business Ideas for Getting Federal Government Contracts.

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