Small Business & Defense Contractor Fraud LawyersSmall businesses and large government contractors alike are facing increased scrutiny by federal law enforcement agencies. Whether it be the Inspector General (IG) or Department of Justice (DOJ), companies find themselves facing government contractor fraud investigations, indictments for violations SDVOSB procurement regulations, SBA contracting programs, or some other form of contracting fraud against the United States government.

Watson & Associates, LLC’s high-profile government procurement lawyers frequently help contractors and individuals nationwide to minimize criminal liability. We bring over three decades of experience in federal government contracting law to the table. Some of our criminal defense attorneys have worked on the other side.

When the US Attorney’s Office or DOJ launches an investigation, or indicts / files criminal charges against the company and CEOs, you want to have defense legal counsel on board that understands the underlying issues that lead to investigations and criminal charges. This is where our defense counsel comes in.

What is Defense Contractor Fraud?

Government contractor fraud includes a variety of potential situations.  If you are a contractor that used substandard materials on a construction project, submitted inferior products to the government or even submit a false claim for payment, you can be subjected to government contract fraud and criminal liability.

When these situations happen, the contracting officer may refer the case to the Inspector General (IG) for a formal investigation for procurement fraud or some other form of a procurement investigation.

At Watson & Associates, LLC we provide experienced government contract attorneys who understand the underlying regulations. For example, when the federal prosecutor brings a case for procurement fraud and pass-through fraud schemes, we understand that the underlying law may be those lines of rules that discuss the limitations on subcontracting rule. See also information about How to Minimize Criminal Liability in Government Contract Fraud and Procurement Investigations.

Other procurement fraud investigations may involve teaming agreements and joint ventures. We find that federal contractors would hire local criminal attorneys but only to discover that they have spent tens of thousands of dollars where the criminal attorney may not understand the governing federal procurement rules. See Information on Grand Jury Indictments and about getting your federal indictment dismissed.

We help to minimize criminal liability

When contractors and small businesses are subject to government investigations for procurement fraud, we get to the bottom of the underlying issues and advise our clients on the strengths and weaknesses in the government’s case. We can help with cases involving:

If the government attorneys choose to proceed with a criminal indictment, we can form a team of criminal defense attorneys and government contract lawyers to aggressively defend your case. When representing clients in high-profile civil and criminal defense cases, we understand the issues that arise when there are procurement investigations that can end up in jail time and heavy legal fines and penalties.

Nationwide Help with Allegations of Government Contract Fraud 

We represent clients involved in SBA 8(a) Program fraud, HUBZone fraud and SDVOSB fraud. Many federal government investigations involve unique government small business programs such as the SBA HUBZone and 8(a) BD programs. Other cases involve the VA’s service-disabled veteran program. See information about hiring criminal defense attorneys for cases involving government contracts. At Watson & Associates, many of our government contractor fraud lawyers are former procurement personnel and government lawyers. Therefore, we are in a unique position to provide legal advice and counsel for our clients. See 6 Things Contractors Should Be Aware of in Qui Tam Lawsuits & False Claims Act Lawsuits and   information about finding a criminal defense attorney in a a government contracts case .

SDVOSB Fraud Defense Attorneys

Many government contractor fraud cases involve allegations that the small business has violated procurement law and has instead conspired to defraud the government and committed SSVOSB fraud against the government. At Watson & Associates, our SDVOSB fraud defense attorneys understand the regulations and the legal issues that come along with procurement fraud allegations. See information about False Claims Act and defending those cases for contractors.

We help with:

See What Happens After Government Contractors Receive a Grand Jury Indictment.

PPP Loan Fraud

PPP loan fraud happens when people or organizations purposefully apply incorrectly for a PPP loan, give false information on an application, or misuse money. This fraudulent behavior should be taken seriously because it could have negative effects on both lenders and borrowers. See information about subpoena duces tecum.

For instance, if a borrower misuses money that was approved for them as a loan because the lender relied on incorrect or misleading information provided by the borrower, the lender could be held liable. Similarly to this, if a borrower requests a bigger amount than what is permitted by the program’s rules in order to get more money than is truly required, they risk facing legal consequences. Furthermore, any misappropriation of money obtained through PPP loans may result in severe consequences, including civil and criminal liability.  See if wire fraud is a felony. If you are being investigated for SBA PPP loan fraud, call our federal fraud lawyers immediately.

Trade Agreements Act Compliance Services

Our law firm can help your organization understand the requirements of the Trade Agreements Act (TAA) and its regulations, as well as provide assistance with obtaining a subpoena duces tecum. A subpoena duces tecum is a court order requiring an individual or entity to produce documents related to an investigation. If you are being investigated for violations of the TAA or any other government contract law compliance matter, our legal team can help.

Nationwide Legal Help

Watson’s government contract and procurement fraud lawyers help contractors throughout the United States. We also work with top criminal defense attorneys across the country and contractors to defend against meritless charges. See information about false claims retaliation.

Call Our Government Contract Investigation Lawyers

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