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Federal Construction Claims Dispute & Appeals Lawyers

Contract Disputes Act Claims Consultants & Federal Appeal Construction Lawyers

Filing federal government construction contract claims can be a daunting process if your claims package does not meet the statutory requirements of the Contract Disputes Act.  Each general contractor can find themselves negotiating downwards with the contracting officer (CO) for legitimate construction claims simply because the CO knows that you are legally at a disadvantage. Is this a breach of duty of good faith and fair dealing? We can help with these legal allegations and the common legal landmines associated with this type of litigation.

With law offices in Washington DC and Denver, Colorado, at Watson & Associates, we are uniquely positioned to national legal services and offer experienced federal construction claims and government contract law attorneys that under the FAR and how to properly present construction claims to the CO. When you receive and adverse contracting officer final decision, our law firm can provide legal representation with your appeal case at either the Civil Board of Contract Appeals (CBCA), Armed Services Board of Contract Appeals (ASBCA Rules) or the US Court of Federal Claims.

Federal Government Construction Claims Consultants & Appeal Services

When a federal agency directs our clients to perform additional work, our construction government contract claims attorneys represent our prime and subcontractors by:

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Does your construction claim meet the Contract Disputes Act legal requirements? Prepare compliant construction delay claim, and request for equitable adjustments that can also meet the CDA claims requirement or some administrative mistake. Having a construction contract claims and government construction appellate lawyer that understands serious issues that can arise, and that can help you to avoid some of the most costly mistakes made with the federal government contract claim process is essential. Find out more about CDA Claims vs REA Certification.

Geographically Positioned to Help With All  Federal Construction Law Matters

With law offices in Washington DC and Colorado, Watson & Associates’ federal government construction claims consultants and lawyers are geographically positioned to represent small businesses and large DOD general contractors in virtually all facets of federal construction law across the United States. We help in ALL STATES.

We frequently help our clients to navigate through the various nuances of initial construction proposals and bidding, filing claims against the government, flow-down clauses, and with management and oversight issues throughout the lifecycle of the contract.

Federal Government Construction Claims Appeal and Dispute Resolution

 When it comes to federal construction claims and disputes, Watson & Associates’s construction contract review attorneys take a proactive approach by helping our clients to understand the claims process and to implement internal policies and controls to better manage federal construction projects.

In some rare cases, small businesses seek to submit a novation agreement when they sell a company that involves federal contracts. Federal novation law can be problematic because some contracting officers may not quite understand how novation law impacts a claim for the buyer or seller. See also government contracts and pass-through subcontractor claims.

At Watson & Associates, our government novation contract law attorneys are familiar with the process and can help you with the various nuances of novating a government contract.

Construction and Buy American Act Matters

As a government construction contractor, you often have to certify that your construction products etc are made and or manufactured in the United States. Whether your subcontractor gets material from China or another forbidden country, the DOJ and other law enforcement agencies may still pursue you for violations of the Buy American Act and false claims act. At Watson, Our BAA fraud and false claims defense attorneys can help.

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Appeals to the Court of Federal Claims or Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit

When the contracting officer denies your claim, your option would be to seek adjudication on appeal to the Court of Federal Claims, ASBCA or CBCA. Our federal construction law attorneys can help.

If you are unfortunate enough to experience an adverse construction claims decision at the Court of Federal Claims, our law firm can appeal the decision to the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.

 Our contract dispute lawyers have been on the other side. We help you to analyze the details and specific information that the agency looks for. Learn how your CPARS and past performance can play a part in the agency’s decision. We help:

  • Ensure adequate documentation practices are kept;
  • Train and advise internal management staff how to avoid adverse actions from the government;
  • Implement litigation avoidance practices.
  • With small business size standards disputes

 Federal Construction Law Defects

  Often, there are concerns or disputes with design drawings, differing site conditions on a federal construction project. With law offices in Washington, DC and Denver, Colorado, our construction defect claims attorneys aggressively represent clients to resolve complex government contract dispute matters. Learn more about prompt payment act issues in government construction contracts. See also important information about privity of contract in government procurement.

Government Construction Delays

Often the government contracting agency employs design teams and other contractors on the same project. A construction delay claims can easily arise through no fault of your own. However, the Boards of Contract Appeals and U.S. Court of Federal Claims’ dockets are filled with CDA appeals for disputes based on construction contract claims for delay damages. Our law firm understands that problems can occur on a federal construction project.  Sometimes, delays impact schedules and performance. Our government contracts  construction claims lawyers and construction claims consultants frequently help our clients with:

Experienced Government Construction Contract Disputes Attorneys

When a construction dispute arises, our government procurement law firm represents clients by appealing the contracting officer’s final decision to the Board of Contract Appeals or U.S. Court of Federal Claims.   We help federal construction contract clients to:

  • Preserve their legal rights for appeal and the claims submission stage (missed by many attorneys);
  • Make sure that construction defect claims meet the statutory requirements of the Contract Disputes Act;
  • Avoid common pitfalls when submitting requests for equitable adjustments.
  • Be mindful of your liability under the Federal False Claims Act

Our law office also represents clients in mediation and arbitration proceedings. Our federal construction contracts law attorneys are also prepared aggressively fight in court. As government contracts attorneys, we frequently represent clients in disputes between prime and subcontractors; appeals before the various Boards of Contract Appeals; GAO bid protests and more. If you are involved in allegations of criminal misconduct, call our federal criminal defense attorneys at 1-866-601-5518 now.

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